Best Trucking Companies in The USA

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List Of Top 5 Best Trucking Companies in The USA

Pride Transport Inc

Pride Transport

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Pride Transport takes great pride in being a family business, a cornerstone of its identity. With a history spanning over 40 years, this family-run enterprise, led by individuals with Commercial Driver’s Licenses (CDL) and a background in truck driving, has been a constant presence on the roads.

Having witnessed the evolution of the trucking industry, Pride Transport has consistently been at the forefront, guided by values such as care, dedication, truth, and respect.

The company’s philosophy is straightforward: pursue what you love, excel at it, and treat everyone with respect. This ethos has been the driving force behind their enduring presence and success. At Pride Transport, they consider every member part of the family, extending genuine care and respect to their drivers.

Founded by individuals who understand the challenges faced by driving professionals, the company is dedicated to providing unparalleled support to its fleet of drivers. Join the respected family at Pride Transport and experience a journey where care, honesty, and respect steer every mile. To embark on this journey, call now to apply at 800-GO-PRIDE.

Address5499 W 2455 S #1273, Salt Lake City, UT 84120
Phone Number+18008771320
Off DaySaturday – Sunday
Number of reviews385

Lake Trucking Company

Lake Trucking Company

Established in 1931, Stokes Fish Company embraced the era of transport refrigeration in the late 1950s, revolutionizing its fresh seafood transportation methods to the Midwest United States.

Initially specializing in wild catfish, Gulf shrimp, and other seafood from Florida waters, the company adapted to the evolving industry landscape.

In 1952, Beryl “Sonny” Stokes Jr. joined the family business after serving as a commissioned officer in the Air Force. Presently, he serves as the Chairman and CEO, actively contributing to the company’s operations.

In 1961, recognizing the potential for expansion, Stokes Fish Company established Lake Trucking Company as an ICC licensed trucking entity. This licensing allowed the transportation not only of Stokes seafood but also facilitated the movement of other companies’ seafood and various products between the Midwest and Florida.

The strategic move positioned Stokes Fish Company as a versatile player in the transportation industry, enhancing its capacity to cater to diverse needs beyond its initial seafood focus.

Address625 Co Rd 468, Leesburg, FL 34748
Phone Number+13523268808
Off Day24 Hours Open
Number of reviews60

Long Haul Trucking

Long Haul Trucking

Long Haul Trucking prides itself on delivering services that customers can rely on for every entrusted load. The company’s performance is evaluated based on critical criteria, including on-time delivery, consistent and thoughtful service, anticipation of customer needs, carrier role understanding, competitive pricing, damage-free cargo handling, accurate record-keeping, financial stability, and equipment/personnel quality.

Founded and operating as a company committed to hiring only the most professional and reliable drivers, Long Haul Trucking assures its customers that its team, composed of true professionals, serves as an excellent representation of their businesses.

Located just outside Minneapolis in Albertville, Minnesota, the company’s general offices are strategically situated within 40 hours of all major U.S. shipping points, emphasizing its widespread accessibility. Holding 48 United States ICC Common Carrier and Contract Carrier licenses, along with bonded broker authorities, Long Haul Trucking maintains a standard of delivering shipments in pristine condition.

With a seasoned and professional staff available for logistics and distribution inquiries, the company has built a reputation for reliability, courtesy, and professionalism throughout its 32-year history. This tradition of excellence remains integral to Long Haul’s sustained success and growth, promising to continue the pattern of excellence with each customer.

Address6600 Jansen Ave NE, Otsego, MN 55301, United States
Phone Number+18002555153
Off DaySunday
Number of reviews110

Roadies INC – Trucking Company In Bakersfield

Roadies INC - Trucking Company In Bakersfield

A collective of logistics experts forms the team at Roadies Inc, led by the visionary CEO, Avie Nagra. Avie, a former U.S Army service member, brings a distinctive skill set to the team, initiating his logistics journey by obtaining a Class A license during military service.

Boasting hands-on experience driving across all 48 states, Avie comprehends the intricacies of the road. Under his guidance, Roadies Inc has evolved from a single truck in 2014 to a formidable fleet comprising over 100 trucks and 150 trailers today.

At Roadies Inc, the commitment goes beyond mere transportation; it’s a dedicated team of experts striving to redefine logistics. From the CEO to every crew member, their shared passion for excellence propels them to consistently elevate standards. Roadies Inc invites others to join them on the journey towards innovation, reliability, and success.

Address681 Pepper Dr, Bakersfield, CA 93307, United States
Phone Number+16612148880
Off DaySaturday – Sunday
Number of reviews100

18 Wheeler Trucking Inc

18 Wheeler Trucking Inc
Address700 N Rohlwing Rd, Itasca, IL 60143, United States
Phone Number+17082988178
Off DaySunday
Number of reviews65

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