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List Of The Top 5 Best Supplements Companies in USA

Amazing Nutra INC

Amazing Nutra INC

Amazing Nutrition ®’ adopts a hands-on approach to uphold the highest quality standards, manufacturing products in their state-of-the-art facility located in Carlstadt, New Jersey.

The facility boasts cutting-edge technology, high production machinery, fully automated packaging lines, and an R&D and testing laboratory. Operating under strict GMP standards, all ‘Amazing Nutrition ®’ products are crafted to meet premium quality dietary supplement requirements.

This robust infrastructure instills confidence, enabling the company to produce top-notch supplements that address diverse health and wellness needs. From the manufacturing process to the final product, ‘Amazing Nutrition ®’ prioritizes excellence to ensure customer satisfaction with every dietary supplement.

Address19 Empire Blvd, South Hackensack, NJ 07606, United States
Phone Number+12018501014
Off DaySaturday – Sunday
Number of reviews15

Superior Supplement Manufacturing

Superior Supplement Manufacturing

The company sets itself apart from competitors in four key ways:

  1. Superior Service: Emphasizing effective communication and customer service, the company makes these principles central to its business in the complex dietary supplement manufacturing industry.
  2. Superior Account Executives: Clients work closely with dedicated Account Executives who prioritize communication and problem-solving, offering high-touch, white-glove service regardless of the order size.
  3. Superior Turn-Key Manufacturing: Operating as one of the country’s largest supply chain manufacturing networks, the company provides a single-point source for a diverse product portfolio, covering 95% of delivery forms and packaging configurations. Their comprehensive services include R&D, formulation, flavoring, and certification, earning trust from Fortune 500 companies for complex supplement products.
  4. Superior Resources and Services: The company’s extensive network enables them to achieve projects that other manufacturers find challenging. From relocating a client’s complex gummy and tablet products from Canada to the USA within six months to securing exclusive rights to award-winning RTD technology, they navigate complex supply chain scenarios seamlessly. Additionally, the company offers integral services under one roof, including label and package design, printing, warehousing, fulfillment, formulation, research & development, and exclusive technologies for clients.
Address18627 Brookhurst St #414, Fountain Valley, CA 92708, United States
Phone Number+18009862210
Off Day24 Hour Open
Number of reviews50

Quality Supplement Manufacturing

Quality Supplement Manufacturing

Quality Supplement Manufacturing (QSM) operates as a one-stop supplement manufacturing facility, prioritizing client satisfaction for company strength. Specializing in Formulation, Bottling, Encapsulation, Labeling, Packaging, and Tableting, QSM aims for the highest quality, prompt delivery, and competitive prices.

Boasting an inventory of over 1,000 ingredients, the company stands out as a leader in Private Label Supplements and custom supplement manufacturing.

Drawing from a rich 35-year history in the Nutritional and Dietary supplement industry, QSM’s extensive experience has shaped it into a knowledgeable and reliable entity within the supplement manufacturing landscape.

The company’s commitment to quality, efficiency, and client-oriented services underscores its prominent position in the industry.

Address300 N MacArthur Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73127, United States
Phone Number+18884583909
Off DaySaturday – Sunday
Number of reviews22

Vox Nutrition

Functioning as a certified GMP contract manufacturer, Vox Nutrition assists customers in establishing their custom supplement line and formulas.

Despite this capability, many clients opt to commence their business journey with Vox’s top-selling stock supplement products, widely recognized online and on platforms like Amazon.

Vox Nutrition’s President, Charlie Estes, possesses extensive experience as the owner of fitness and nutrition companies since 2002. Acknowledging the challenges faced by private label sellers, Charlie aimed to address industry issues by establishing a company focused on delivering high-quality supplements with low minimums and swift turnaround times.

Vox Nutrition distinguishes itself by providing a comprehensive one-stop-shop for private label products, catering to all the needs essential for building and expanding a successful nutrition company.

Address8224 Industry Cir Suite 200, West Jordan, UT 84088, United States
Phone Number+18007957161
Off DaySaturday – Sunday
Number of reviews180

Pure NSM – Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers, Inc.

Pure NSM - Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers, Inc.

Established in 1993 as the Self Health Research Center, the factory underwent a transformation in 2006 when current owner Oskar Thorvaldsson acquired it, officially founding PureNSM in 2011.

From its inception, PureNSM aimed to manufacture purer supplements than available in the market, a goal consistently pursued. The focus remains on efficiently producing high-quality products, specializing in encapsulating supplements without relying on highly processed, chemically based flow agents. PureNSM stands out for its innovative approach, investing over $200,000 in capabilities to manufacture nano supplements.

Operating a GMP-certified facility, the company’s full-scale laboratory ensures purity and potency through calibrated instruments and qualified staff.

As a member of The Natural Product Association and Better Business Bureau, PureNSM is committed to becoming a leading provider of innovative supplements. Located just 15 minutes south of the San Diego International Airport, PureNSM is positioned in San Diego, California.

Address1065 Bay Blvd D, Chula Vista, CA 91911, United States
Phone Number+16194099077
Off DaySaturday – Sunday
Number of reviews30

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